Difference between Built-Up Area and Carpet Area

As a potential homebuyer, comprehending real estate terminologies is essential in order to avert expensive mistakes that could hinder your chances of acquiring the right property of your choice. In India, developers and brokers usually use these terms – carpet area, built-up area, and super built-up area

Sometimes some companies might even take advantage of the lack of technical knowledge from buyers by charging them exorbitant rates. So, it is vital that if you’re a potential homebuyer, you do thorough homework before contacting your real estate agent. 

Carpet Area

What is the carpet area? As the name suggests, a carpet area is a space that can be encompassed by a carpet. It is the wall-to-wall distance that generally makes for the net usable floor part of the home. 

As per RERA (Real Estate Regulation & Development) Act guidelines, it is compulsory for developers to divulge the carpet area of every apartment, after which the sale rate needs to be estimated. 

Unlike the built-up area, this zone does not encompass the area covered by the external walls, terrace, or balcony. However, the carpet area, which becomes your individual space, comprises the thickness of the inner walls of the apartment. 

Typically, the carpet area constitutes approximately 70% of the built-up area that covers the living room, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, other rooms, and even the inner staircases in a couple of scenarios. For computing the complete carpet area in flats Mumbai, let us hypothesize that you have a built-up area of 1,000 sq. ft, so the carpet area will be 70% off 1000 sq. ft, which would come to 700 sq. ft. 

Built-Up Area 

What is built-up area? It is basically the all-encompassing space which is the sum of the carpet area plus the thickness of the walls of a housing unit. The area taken by the terrace or the balcony is also included. Generally, it comprises around 70-80% of the super built-area of the property. 

It should be observed that the percentage may fluctuate based on the project or the real estate developer. On the other hand, a supplement of 10-15% space of the carpet area turns into the built-up area. 

For computing the built-up area in Mumbai flats, let us theorize that you have a super built-up area of 1,200 sqft, so the built-up area is going to be 70-80% of 1,200 sqft which equals 840 sqft or 960 sqft while the carpet area will be 588 sqft or 672 sqft. Essentially, the built-up area is basically the carpet area + area of walls + balcony area. 

Super Built-up Area

This area is essentially the total sum of the built-up area plus the space taken by common places such as staircase, shafts, clubhouse, lobby, and so forth. Generally, real estate developers charge homebuyers on the basis of this area to cover their cost of construction. Therefore, it is discussed as a ‘saleable’ area. 

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