How Do Auspicious Occasions & Festivals Play A Role In Buying Homes In India?

Festivals are auspicious; they seem to bring happiness and opportunities home, no matter which country. In particular, India is a country driven by cultural and traditional sentiments. Therefore, people celebrate and make crucial investments in the residential sector in India. For this reason, Indian festivals are a boon for realtors, brokers, and developers, and that is the sole reason which is why Indian buyers show more liking to the reasonable housing segment of the properties launched during the festival season.

If you are also looking to invest in property that brings you prosperity, then you must also be looking for an auspicious day to buy a home in 2022. So do nothing but run down the list of the best festivals to buy a new home and be all set to get emotionally invested in your dream home soon.

List of Best Festivals to Buy New Home in India


Diwali is a most auspicious festival when people prefer buying a home to lure wealth and prosperity by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth). Also, developers launch new projects with attractive offers and flexible repayment options for buyers as a token of festival gift.

Makar Sakranti

Skaranti is also considered one of the best festivals to book a new home, especially in Maharashtra, where people celebrate it as a seasonal and religious observance. It is known by different names throughout India, such as Lohri in Haryana and Punjab, Bihu in Assam, Khichdi in Bihar, and Pongal in South India.

Gudi Padwa

It is a spring festival that starts a traditional new year in Konkani and Marathi Hindus, so people seek it as a good time to invest in the residential sector in India.


It is the most prosperous day to make several investments and holds a special significance in a business community with the purchase of precious metals, land, cars, or homes.


It is the most promising time to approach new investments like homes, land, or cars and set new milestones. Dussehra holds prominence in the belief of Indians to look after prosperity and good luck while ringing in the festive spirit to make the most out of it.

Benefits of Buying a Home on Festivals 

About 35% of Indians aged between 25 and 44 plan to invest in a property during the festival season, which mainly runs from October to November. And as per YouGov survey, most real estate developers set their properties ready to move in during festivals. 

  1. You can invest in a ready-to-move property instead of investing in an under-construction property, which might cause unpredictable issues later.

2. You might get a low-interest rate home loan as a festive season offer.

­3. Chances are there to get brokerage discounts, cash bonus, gold coins, or benefits on registration fees or stamp duty.

It is now up to you to decide which festival will be your lucky charm for investing in the residential sector in India. However, you can simply start investing with 2 BHK flats in Andheri or a 1 BHK home in Powai. The city of lights, joy, and dreams, Mumbai is a metropolitan that addresses a huge demand in the residential sector in India during the festive season.

Thus, those mentioned above are auspicious festivals on which you can buy a new home and lifetime happiness. Therefore, you can help yourself by checking out Indextap for an extensive array of properties in MMR that are listed for rent and sale purposes.

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