8 Ways to Effectively Use Feng Shui In Your Home

Feng Shui, often known as Chinese geomancy, is a prehistoric Chinese traditional practice that uses energy forces to attune individuals with their circumferential environment. According to history, the Feng Shui practice was used in spiritually significant structures such as tombs, oriental buildings, and other dwellings in several parts of the contemporary Chinese world. But with time, this practice has stepped outside of China and is now performed in most countries throughout the world. As a result, even your favorite celebrities and business tycoons take care of their feng shui homes in MMR.

Feng Shui is one of the best ways to invite health, wealth, prosperity, and happiness your way, and if you also want to float in the flow of positive energy, then follow the below-detailed usages of Feng Shui.

Benefits of Using Feng Shui

Before jumping directly to effective usages of feng shui, let’s first understand its benefits instead. The Feng Shui practice lets you connect with the environment and serves multiple benefits to harmonize you. Check out the list below.

  • It enhances health, wealth, career, and temper.
  • Prevent accidents
  • It keeps you motivated and improve academics 

8 Ways of Practicing Feng Shui in Indian Homes

There are different ways listed below to use Feng Shui in Indian Homes:

  • Keep Things Clean

Having a cluttered house will probably not offer you any mental benefit or clarity. As per feng shui, a cluttered space always attracts positive energies and keeps you productive.

  • Add Plants

Feng shui says that keeping plants in your place adds more freshness and vitality to your home. 

  • Incorporate Metal

Metal, according to Feng Shui home decorating ideas, brings more clarity, sharpness, balancing, and calming energies to your home or workspace, enhancing your proficiency. As a result, you may wish to bring some decorative small statues, bowls, or sculptures.

  • Declutter the Entrance

Entrance is the very first thing when you enter the house, so it’s an essential place to be filled with good energies. Thus, feng shui suggests some regular dusting, artwork, and plant add-ons.

  • Fix Squeaks

If the doors and windows of your house squeak, you must fix them asap. The squeaking sounds like crying, which may upset you and have an impact on your well-being. As a result, always oil the door and window hinges to attract smoothness and positive energy.

  • Keep the Bathroom Door Closed

Feng shui suggests keeping the bathroom door closed because that is one of the places from where water moves out of the house. Since water is associated with wealth, you mustn’t want your money to be flushed away. 

  • Place the Bed Right

The placement of your bed in the commanding position is very effective in terms of feng shui house direction. As you spend passive hours sleeping, you should always place a bed facing the doors. If it’s not possible, you can hang a mirror in front of your bed to see the door when lying on the bed. 

  • Clean the Windows

The window is an eye of your home; keeping it clean gives you a bird’s eye view and you’ll be able to experience everything that the sphere has to offer you. Clean away the grime using vinegar, water, and old newspaper to let the natural air and light in brighten up your space. 

Wrapping it up, we can only say that we have detailed above the best feng shui practice tips with their benefits and usages to help you welcome positivity into your home. For more such exciting analysis and details on real estate, visit our website at www.IndexTap.com to find the best properties in Mumbai.