How to Pick your Non-Negotiables While Buying a Home?

A home is a sensitive emotion and a beautiful investment, so always know the must-haves when buying a home. Buying a home gets complicated in hot seller’s markets like Delhi or Mumbai, so always approach non-negotiables and separate your wants from your needs. The list of priorities makes the home buying process much easier when figuring out your ideal property. So, let’s not waste any time and start looking into the residential real estate Indian market following the non-negotiables list below!

Wants vs. Needs

Separating your needs from your wants requires you to objectify the non-negotiables from things that are merely good to have. So it’s good to get a property that has everything you would be looking for, but it’s a rare scenario to find such a property. So always try to make a list of home essentials that fits all your needs and your family’s.

Non-Negotiables When Purchasing a Home

However right, the list of non-negotiables is somewhat different from others. Here we have jotted down some important aspects that you must consider when purchasing a home. 


There’s a reason why location is one of the key factors in the real estate market. The location of the property could be the biggest problem when determining whether it is perfect for you or not. First of all, consider your source of earnings if you have to continuously seek brand new jobs. Otherwise, you can consider seeking a brand new house with premium faculties. Both ways work if you consider a location that is non-negotiable.

When you are searching for a location, you need to consider non-negotiable factors like an easy commute and a prime community. Although working from home is on the rise, you still have to look for a daily commute.

The Size or Number of Rooms 

Although these are the best homes to buy in MMR, if you are following a non-negotiable approach, you mustn’t just stick to 2 BHK homes in Bandra or 3 BHK apartments in Worli, but also look out for the dimensions of a home. You might want a 4-bedroom house but could also survive in a 3-bedroom apartment. Always bear in mind that your stuff will always expand and fill the space you have. 

Parking or Storage    

Your house location and your situation play a major role in deciding whether you are living in a city with good transportation facilities and less need for a garage. If you are living in a suburb with your family, will you feel the need for an off-street parking space? Or would you require carport work? If you are, should it be connected? Always take the time to answer these questions because it will improve and level the playing field for your next home purchase.

Yard, Pool, or Other Outdoor Area

If you want to consider the outdoor area with a non-negotiable aspect, you must always look for an enormous yard or a play area for kids who have been in the apartment for too long. If you are residing in a hot local weather region, then you can also switch to the pool.

In the bottom line, above are some major non-negotiable must-haves when buying a home, be it a 3 BHK apartment in Worli or a 2 BHK home in Bandra. Apart from these, you could also consider the future rental potential of the property and the location. Therefore, you can simply check out Indextap for an extensive array of the best properties in MMR with their location and rent transactions.

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