Six Features Needed by Online Realty Portals to be Helpful to Home Buyers

Websites for real estate are best referred to as “real estate portals.” Because they are aware of the importance these platforms provide in terms of lead generation and potential owners and purchasers, the majority of real estate brokers and property managers now have websites.

Online real estate portals provide data-backed analyses of every micro market with thorough information about the property. Online real estate portals are now establishing themselves as a one-stop shop for not just purchasing real estate but also providing guidance on obtaining financing and creating rental agreements. Scroll below to know how realty portal app works and makes house hunting easy for new home buyers in MMR and all over India.

 Stack view feature

The Stack view feature is a solution offered by Indextap. The function gives you access to the most recent visualization tools, which tell you about the occupied and vacant properties.

It lets users get a clear picture of the property’s layout and occupancy. For purchasers, who are spared the tiresome routine of seeing each property, this saves a great deal of time and effort. A user can simply check the area, property type, floor, property size, flat number, etc. StackView also provides detailed information about the property, including its current status, and whether it is sold, available, or booked.

Map-based house hunting

You can view the property’s actual location and compare various properties listed in that area according to their locations on online real estate portals. Indextap displays a property graph with red, green, and grey colour columns, which represent the status of the property. If the column is red, it means the property is already sold and not available in the market; if the column is green, it means the property is still available in the market, and if the column is grey, it means the property is booked but not yet sold and you have an opportunity to buy it.

Contact a Realtor

Online real estate portals now include contact details of the realtors on their websites to allow buyers to contact them and learn more about the property in-depth.


This feature on Indextap allows a visitor to check the last transaction of the particular property they are looking for. This feature helps a buyer pitch the right price as it increases their chances of grabbing a deal at an appropriate price.

 Verified Properties

The authenticity of data is the biggest problem that real estate buyers encounter. There is a chance that some of the properties on your search list do not exist that’s why online real estate firms have “certified” homes on their websites as a solution to this problem. Real property images collected by data agents are available for every listing on their website. Aside from taking photos and videos, data agents also gather tiny details about the property so that the seller won’t have to field calls about those tiny details.

Extensive Listings

On online real estate portal services, users can learn more about a property they are interested in during the listing process. A property owner who wants to sell their estate wants to give more details. Therefore, regardless of the template, you select for your property page, always make sure to view a very detailed listing.

In a nutshell, the above are some of the major online realty portal services that could help you buy new apartment in Mumbai or anywhere in India. Therefore, you can always use IndexTap, – leading realty app, to make an informed decision when buying a home.

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