5 Challenges Faced by Real Estate Brokers in India

A real estate broker is an individual who keeps up-to-date information on the property market and helps a buyer explore properties that meet their preferences. Approaching a broker becomes even more essential when you wish to buy a property in crowded cities like Delhi, Lucknow, or Mumbai. But nowadays, the world has adopted digitization where everything is possible just with a button tap. This online model has emerged as a blessing for buyers, but it has created multiple challenges for top real estate brokers in India. Let’s discuss these challenges below with the real estate market in Mumbai.

  • Not having enough listings

When a broker runs low on inventory, it impacts their work negatively. Because if a buyer checks out flats available for sale in MMR and gets only a few options that meet their preferences, they might face dissatisfaction. For this reason, a broker always has to ensure plenty of listings to serve all sorts of buyers they attract.

  • Unestablished sales process

The property sales process consists of multiple levels, from listing a house, capturing leads, arranging meetings, and scheduling a visit, to closing the deal. In any case, if a broker misses out on any step, they experience a really poor outcome.

  • Abiding by real estate broker laws

According to the government, buying and selling a property consists of multiple norms. The laws behold the aspects of confidentiality, the buyer’s awareness of any default in the property, and so forth. Thus, even if you are amongst the top brokers Mumbai and, by any chance, you do not abide by these laws, then the government can put you in question for not keeping transaction transparency with the buyer. 

  • Facing tons of rejection

With the booming real estate competition, rejection has become unavoidable. Not every client closes the deal. Therefore, rejection is challenging, but it’s a part of the process. A broker just needs to check if they are facing frequent rejections or just once in a while, and accordingly, they need to work on their sales process.

  • Calculating taxes and deductibles

Even the best brokers in MMR sometimes forget to count taxes or other deductibles on the apartments for sale Mumbai before they bid a price to the buyer. Therefore, this turns out to be brutal when calculating the difference between the offered and the final cost.

  • Uncertainty of payout

No doubt, the property agents do their best in preparing the property listing, presenting the property, and approaching the interested clients to obtain a reasonable brokerage, which sometimes doesn’t go through. However, it is a fact that brokers do not have any certain payout, which puts their job at risk.

  • The property is not insurable

Sometimes, real estate agents take up properties that cannot be assured. There are chances that the property can’t be insured due to high risk, which is a major drawback that puts the sale on hold.

  • Title issues

Another common challenge that real estate agents face is the title issue, making the title transfer complicated. The reasons behind this could be anything from unknown liens, forgeries, undiscovered wills, and mistakes in public records to illegal deeds. All these title issues could put the property transaction on hold and harm the deal for the broker.

The bottom line is that, even if you are amongst the top real estate brokers in India, you might face these challenges at each stage of your real estate journey. The only way to overcome these challenges is to abide by the rules and organize a smooth workflow.

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