Andheri Metro Station Mumbai

Andheri Metro Station Mumbai

February 16, 2024 | Indextapadmin

The busy terminus Andheri metro station is located on Mumbai Metro's Blue Line. In this blog, we will learn more about the station's facilities.

Mumbai, the City of Dreams, has a seamless metro network. Mumbai Metro is a rapid transit (MRT) system that connects various parts of Mumbai, including the eastern and western suburbs. The Mumbai local train system is severely overburdened. The Mumbai metro project is being prioritized to make daily commuting for work and other purposes easier for people living in and around the city. It is an affordable, safe, and dependable mode of transportation for everyone. Several lines are currently under construction, while others have been proposed and approved.

The Blue Line metro route runs from Versova to Andheri to Ghatkopar and is expected to cost Rs 4,300 crore. It is a fully elevated 11.40-kilometer line with twelve stations. Line 1, Blue code: The Mumbai metro line began operations on June 8, 2014. Reliance Infrastructure owns 74% of MMOPL's equity share capital, with MMRDA holding the remaining 26%.

In this article, we will learn about the Andheri metro station Mumbai route, directions, station name list, and other information to help you travel smoothly and easily. You can also look at important details such as parking, feeder bus stops, ATMs, line interchanges, and so on.

Quick fact: Andheri metro station in Mumbai 

Station CodeAND
Station StructureElevated
Opened OnJune 8, 2014
Operated ByMumbai Metro One Pvt Ltd (MMOPL)
Located onBlue Line Andheri Metro
Previous StationAzad Nagar
Next StationWestern Express Highway
No. of Platforms2
Contact InfoEmail: contact@mmrclPhone: +91 22 3031 0900

Andheri Metro Route Map

The Blue Line metro in Mumbai has a long route that passes through several popular locations. The previous station for the Andheri metro station in Mumbai is Azad Nagar, and the next station is Western Express Highway. The first train to Versova departs at 07:02 in the morning, and the last at 11:25 at night. The first train to Ghatkopar departs at 06:42 AM and the last at 10:42 PM. The metro is popular among passengers because it connects many major stations.

Andheri Metro Station Name List on Mumbai Metro Blue Line:

Sr. NoMumbai Metro Line 1 Stations
2D N Nagar
3Azad Nagar
5Western Express Highway (WEH)
7Airport Road
8Marol Naka
9Saki Naka
11Jagruti Nagar

Andheri Metro Station Layout

Andheri Metro Station Name List on Mumbai Metro Blue Line:

Ground Floor: The entry and exit gates for Andheri Station are located on the ground floor. This floor also houses the station's ticket counters and customer service desk.

The L1 floor, or Mezzanine, houses a variety of services and facilities. These include food stalls, vending machines, tea or coffee stalls, metro card/token machines, ATM machines, and so on. During the holiday season, authorities even allow stalls to sell jewelry, clothing, small collectibles, and other items.

L2: On the second floor of the Andheri Metro Station, there are two platforms.  

Platform 1 is for those wanting to travel to Ghatkopar, and the next station is Western Express Highway.

Platform 2 is for passengers heading towards Versova; the next station is Azad Nagar.

About Andheri Metro Station's Location

Andheri Metro Station is located in Andheri, Mumbai's western region. The coordinates are 19.120791°N, 72.848132°E.

The address is Railway Colony, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra, with the pin code 400053.

Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai: Distance to Popular Places

Western Highway - To get to Western Highway, take the Blue Line train from Andheri towards Ghatkopar. The distance between the two is about 3 kilometers.

Saki Naka: Take the Blue Line train from Andheri Metro Station to Ghatkopar. The total distance from Andheri to SakiNaka metro station is about 7 kilometers, with 5 stations in between.

Airport Road: To reach Airport Road, take the train from this metro station to Ghatkopar. The first metro from Andheri to Airport Road departs at 06:42 AM and the last at 10:42 PM. There are three stations between the two locations, with a total travel time of approximately 5 kilometers.

Design and Structure of Mumbai's Andheri Metro Station

Andheri Metro Station receives a large number of passengers every day. A skywalk connects this location to the foot-over bridge at Andheri railway station. MMOPL also created a connector to allow commuters to easily switch systems. Experienced architects have created a beautiful station. This station's ground level features an exit and entry gate, while level 1 houses a station agent, crossover, and fare control. The side platforms No.1 and No.2 on level 2 serve trains bound for Ghatkopar and Versova, respectively. The station has an elevator and is accessible to people with disabilities.

Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai: Facilities

The metro station has an excellent security system, including CCTV cameras, lifts, and elevators for passenger comfort. The station has installed an automatic fare collection system, which is extremely beneficial. The station is well-kept and decorated with attractive murals.

Landmarks near Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai

Andheri Market1.1km
Amardeep Nursing Home700m
Vishal Hall/Prakash Studio600m
Shri Chinai College of Commerce & Economics350m
Pinki Cinema600m

Restaurants Near Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai

There are many eateries near Andheri metro station in Mumbai. Some of the most popular restaurants here include:

Laxmi Fast Food400m
House of Momo350m
Hotel Vijay Punjab80m
Ratnagiri Restaurant & Bar50m

Properties Near Andheri Metro Station, Mumbai

Apartments and residences near the Andheri Metro Station are in high demand. It is a great place to stay, and there are several facilities that you can fully utilize:

DLH The Park Residences

DLH Park

DLH The Park Residences in Andheri West, Mumbai, offers 3 BHK flats. Visit IndexTap now to view prices, floor plans, master plans, amenities, agreement values, and photos, It's 1.7 Km away From Andheri Metro Station.

Platinum Life

Platinum Life

Platinum Life offers 1, 2, and 3 BHK flats in Andheri West, Mumbai. Visit IndexTap now to view prices, floor plans, master plans, amenities, agreement values, and photos, It's 2 Km away From Andheri Metro Station.

Parking Facilities

There is no Parking Facilities available at Andheri Metro Station

Conclusion - Andheri Metro Station 

Mumbai's Andheri metro station improves city connectivity while remaining extremely cost-effective. The metro can be used to visit popular tourist destinations as well as to commute to colleges or offices on a daily basis. An ongoing effort is being made to empower the Mumbai metro and improve its network.

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