Why is Goregaon the best place to live in Mumbai?

Neighbourhoods and Localities of Goregaon

Goregaon, a prominent residential neighbourhood and burgeoning IT hub in Mumbai’s western suburbs, is home to several corporations. An area that was previously underpopulated is now experiencing an influx of residents from South Mumbai and other developed western suburbs.

This area is well-connected via the Western Express Highway and the Linking Road on one side, and the Western Railway Line and the Western Railway Line on the other. Three major bus depots are also located in the area, making it easier to travel within and outside of the city. Goregaon has become one of the city’s premier residential areas as a result of reputable developers establishing residential complexes and the rapid pace of development work.

Residential complexes such as Bangur Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Aarey Milk Colony, BEST Colony, and Piramal Nagar were originally located in Goregaon. Top real estate developers, including the Lokhandwala Group, Kalpataru Group, Wadhwa Group, Rustomjee Group, and Oberoi Group, have gradually entered the market and helped to expand the infrastructure.

Goregaon East boasts a robust social infrastructure, including numerous reputable hospitals and schools. Yashodham High School and Gokuldham High School are two of the area’s most well-known schools. Local hospitals such as SRV Hospital, Suvidha Hospital and Polyclinic, and Kapadia Multispecialty effectively meet their patients’ healthcare needs.

Goregaon provides a wide range of entertainment opportunities. Locals’ favourite restaurants include Pop N Dine Restaurant, Old Madras Café Restaurant, and Aarey Garden Restaurant. Customers can shop at either the Oberoi or Inorbit malls.

Mumbai’s real estate market has benefited from Goregaon’s spectacular development over the years, as a significant portion of the city’s inventory is unloaded here. Goregaon is a bankable real estate destination due to its excellent connectivity, proximity to IT clusters, and retail and social infrastructure, which are all added advantages.

The neighbourhood in which you buy a home also has a significant impact on your chances of having a positive experience. When it comes time to buy a home, if you work in a city and have been renting apartments nearby, purchasing a flat in the city is a no-brainer. But where in the city should you invest in a condominium? People today prefer to live in Goregaon over other neighbourhoods. Since then, Mumbai-based developers have built numerous new residential buildings in Goregaon. But why do people choose to invest in residential real estate in Goregaon? Let us look at it.

Goregaon offers a convenient commute.

Goregaon serves as the city’s transportation hub. Goregaon is well connected to Mumbai via the Western Expressway, and the train station serves as a hub for both the Western and Central Lines. You have easy access to most of Mumbai because both the central and western lines pass through your station. Buying a home in one of Mumbai’s residential development projects would not provide the same overall experience as buying a home in Goregaon.

Basic conveniences in Goregaon

Mumbai no longer has inconsistent energy supplies, but there has always been a water shortage there. You will be pleased to know that Goregaon receives water from the municipality on a continuous basis. Every human being requires water to survive, and the Mumbai municipality supplies plenty of water to Goregaon to ensure that it is always available. Goregaon’s easy access to clean water is one of the main reasons for its popularity. Buying a residential property in Goregaon ensures that you have access to the necessary amenities to make home ownership a pleasant experience.

Goregaon localities

Goregaon has one of Mumbai’s safest neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood is not only safe, but also upscale. The majority of Goregaon’s new residential developments are opulent. In Mumbai, Goregaon is the most visible area for luxury home development. Goregaon now has a new look and is one of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods, thanks to this new housing development. Goregaon has well-maintained, pothole-free roads. Furthermore, the overall atmosphere in the area has shifted dramatically. Goregaon appears to be well-planned. Finally, Goregaon real estate may allow you to find your dream home.

Property Prices in Goregaon

In comparison, the average price of real estate in Goregaon East is Rs. 33,428 per square foot.

In comparison, the average price of real estate in Goregaon West is Rs 26,357 per square foot.

Amenities at Goregaon

The bare minimum for survival is basic amenities, but it’s critical to have amenities that make living in a specific location more enjoyable. Goregaon is home to many reputable schools and some of the city’s top hospitals, where your child can get an education. Goregaon also has shopping malls with a wide range of international brands and other gathering places where people can mingle. The rail station is closer to Goregaon, Owning a home in Goregaon allows you to take advantage of one of the city’s most exciting nightlife scenes. Additionally, there are several restaurants in the area, which adds to the experience of owning a home.


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