How Can IndexTap Help Brokers Increase Their Credibility?

The existence of the Internet and its many activities is slowly taking over the world. The impact of the Internet is evident – both in the private and business spheres. People can now easily get in touch thanks to the Internet’s quick and immediate connectivity. Additionally, it has helped the global real estate industry. Nowadays, an online realty portal in India is used to conduct the majority of real estate decisions. Similarly, IndexTap can also help brokers increase their credibility in the property market. Let’s see how.

What is IndexTap?

The first-of-its-type portal in India, IndexTap, powered by CRE Matrix, provides a stack view of listings accessible from any residential property in MMR. It gives customers a bird’s-eye the perspective of housing unit prices, considering both sales and booking convenience. With the use of cutting-edge breakthroughs, thorough research, and a team of highly experienced individuals with specialized skills, the IndexTap app supports brokers, sellers, landlords, buyers, and tenants with reliable data to make wise decisions.

IndexTap Features for Brokers

  • Increase credibility through transparent data.
  • Determine potential sellers.
  • Efficient negotiations

Apart from all the mentioned-above perks that increase brokers’ credibility, here comes the prime key that retains some of the best brokers in MMR. The IndexTap app has a Stack View feature that keeps the transparency of the property market, which helps you cross-check the availability of your shortlisted properties, be it for sale or rent. Let’s see how.

How Does IndexTap Help Brokers Enhance Their Credibility?

  • CRE Matrix introduces IndexTap, a first-of-its-type mobile app in India that enables the Stack view of listings available at any commercial or residential building. Suppose you have visited the IndexTap app and found some of the best properties for sale in MMR. Next, you, as a broker, can observe the availability of units along with their prices. This will help you keep your word and stay true to your client.
  • The transparency of the property availability will help a broker guide their client on when to avoid unnecessary visits to the shortlisted properties. Finding a property and ascertaining its status, which would otherwise require a large amount of time, is frequently challenging. However, using the stack view function, a broker can quickly determine whether it’s vacant, sold out, or not yet registered, allowing a client to plan their visit accordingly.
  • A huge deposit and increased rent are two additional issues that individuals face while looking for a property, but the stack view feature will help you know the previous price of the property, via which a broker can estimate the real cost of a winning bid. This feature will increase the broker’s credibility by building trust in their clients. 
  • With the help of the stack view feature on the IndexTap mobile application, brokers can also help a client know the floor-wise current status of any commercial or residential property and assure the same with their networking approach to the real estate market. Thus, this helpful and transparent feature helps brokers assist their clients with much-required ease.

The bottom line is that even if you are a top broker in Mumbai, you might face challenges at each stage of your real estate journey. The best way to overcome these challenges is to count on a reliable online realty portal in India. However, by following the above-detailed features via IndexTap, a broker can earn more buyers.

Hence, for that matter, you can seek the IndexTap app for your concerns and visit IndexTap for a more in-depth understanding of real estate analysis. 


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