Ratan Tata’s House in Colaba Mumbai, Price, Photos & More

Ratan Tata’s House in Colaba Mumbai, Price, Photos & More

November 24, 2023 | Indextapadmin

Latest News on Ratan Tata's 86th Birthday

As Ratan Tata turns 86, well wishes flood the internet

December 29, 2023: On December 28, 2023, Mr. Ratan Tata, the well-known Indian philanthropist, industrialist, and chairman of Tata Sons, celebrated his 86th birthday. Many fans wished for "the man with a golden heart" on the internet on his special day.

About Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata is renowned for having a pure heart and business acumen that places a high value on moral principles. One of the most well-known figures in the nation is Ratan Tata, the most respectable industrialist and Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons. Therefore, it goes without saying that the Ratan Tata house in Colaba is a unique landmark.

Since his entry into the business world in 1962, Ratan Tata has never looked back. Ratan demonstrated his abilities within the Tata group, first with his contribution to the steel division and then as the director in charge of the National Radio and Electronics Company. In 1991, after JRD Tata retired, he was named Chairman of Tata Sons. For the Tata Group, this was a game-changer, and Ratan went on to concentrate on growth and the establishment of new companies over time. Ratan oversaw the Tata group's 21-year growth in sales and profits, which increased by a factor of more than 50.

Even though he is retired now, Ratan Tata is still involved in the business world. In addition to being a philanthropist who supports causes in the fields of education, rural development, and medicine, he is an active investor in a number of businesses. Because of his philanthropic nature, charitable trusts hold more than 65% of his shares.

For a variety of reasons, Mumbai is known as 'The City of Dreams' or Mayanagri. It is not just India's wealthiest metropolis, but also one of the wealthiest in the world. Mumbai is home to a plethora of renowned faces, from movie stars to distinguished business titans, one of the most significant names being that of the Indian Billionaire - Ratan Naval Tata. He is a major-league business mogul and the Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons and the Chairman of the Tata Trusts. Despite being a seasoned investor and CEO of one of India's most prominent multinational organizations, Ratan Tata embodies class, elegance, and simplicity

ratan tata house

He is a modest humanitarian who is highly enthusiastic about his supercars while also adoring his canines, Tito and Maximus. Ratan Tata was recently spotted spending quality time with Goa, a street dog who resides in the Kennel established at Tata Group's worldwide headquarters, the Bombay House, during the Diwali festival of lights. Under his pragmatic business acumen, the Tata group's revenues soared 40 times while profits increased 50 times. He is recognized not just for his leadership abilities, but also for his quiet, awe-inspiring demeanor, which never fails to put people at rest. Ratan Tata's accomplishments range from operating a blast furnace and shoveling limestone in Tata Steel to becoming the first Indian to fly an F-16 Falcon in 2007. Another gem in his crown is his opulent retirement house in Colaba. Let us have a peek at the magnificent Ratan Tata House.

Ratan Tata’s House in Colaba, Mumbai

Ratan Tata's mansion, which is sea-facing and spans 13,350 square feet, has three stories and seven levels in all. This beautiful home is located in one of Mumbai's most affluent neighborhoods, Colaba. This mansion was created as Ratan Tata's retirement home when he chose to stand down as Tata Sons' group chairman in December 2012. Cabins, a magnificent mansion painted white all over, exemplifies contemporary design with large window windows and wide grounds. Bombay House, Tata Sons' headquarters, is about a twenty-minute drive away. Ratan Tata's bungalow is said to have one of the best views of the Arabian Sea in the entire city. 

ratan tata house in colaba

This enormous staircase welcomes you as you approach the property, leading to a highly carefully built living room. The symmetrical patterns of space and the intricate architecture of the stair rails lend a unique beauty to this location.

ratan tata house staircase in mumbai

This sitting area exemplifies Mr Tata's preference for simplicity and minimalism. There is no greater luxury than comfort. This area features a three-seater sofa and a glass table, as well as other homey accents such as soft carpet, plants, and wall frames. 

 seating space in ratan tata house

This calm area has white french doors, sparkling flooring, and a large indoor plant

ratan tata in his house

This property, located opposite the Colaba post office, has a wide sun porch that spans the whole first floor. There is also a living room, two bedrooms, and a study on the first level. 

A Pooja Room is available for a tranquil and relaxing setting. The natural patterned beige side screen fits the room and contrasts with the wooden backdrop. A floor-to-ceiling glass window on the opposite end allows in direct sunshine. 

 pooja room in ratan tata house

A living room, three bedrooms, and a library are located on the second story. Ratan Tata is a voracious reader.

This bedroom includes white walls and ceilings, as well as a floor to ceiling glass window for natural light penetration. The bedroom contains a television and faces the balcony deck. The white cabinets mix in perfectly with the ceilings.

bedroom in ratan tata house

There is a significant dining room, a technologically advanced cinema room, and a well-equipped gym in Ratan Tata's House. This home features an infinity pool and a grilling area on the terrace, highlighting its colonial architectural elements. 

The third level features an open-to-the-sky terrace, a technologically advanced media room, a gymnasium, and a bedroom. 

This bedroom is very lovely, with a nice, evergreen contrast of dark wood and white ceilings. The flower vase and framed picture on the headboard bring personality to the space.

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bedroom of ratan tata house

The servant quarters are located in the basement of the house, which offers parking for around 10-12 automobiles. 

Ratan Tata is preparing for an Instagram Q&A session. 

ratan tata gearing up for the session

Pooja Room in the Ratan Tata House in Mumbai

God has a particular place in Ratan Tata's life since he is a humble Person. This is clear from his home's stunning pooja room on the bottom level. The prayer room in this property is nothing short of stunning, with neutral tones on the walls and plenty of natural light streaming in through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The sole décor in this room is a lovely idol placed in front of a wooden accent wall.

Ratan Tata’s House Address

Ratan Tata's address is "Bakhtawar" in Colaba, Mumbai. His property is on the beachfront, directly across from the Colaba Post Office.

Ratan Tata’s House Price

Ratan Tata's retirement home was erected after he stepped down as Tata Sons' group chairman in December 2012. This magnificent living area was valued at Rs. 150 Crore at the time of purchase.

What Are the Key Features of Ratan Tata House Mumbai?

The lavish Ratan Tata mansion has separate eating, living, and sleeping quarters, as well as a modern movie room and a well-equipped gym.

The basement of Ratan Tata's Colaba mansion can accommodate 10 to 12 automobiles at once.

Bombay House, the Tata Sons headquarters, is just 20 minutes by car from Tata House Mumbai.

A kitchen, study, living room, and bedroom are located on the ground level of Ratan Tata's three-story Colaba residence.

As one enters the living room, one is greeted by the enormous, symmetrical staircase with its gorgeous, intricate railings.

The first level of Ratan Tata's lavish property features a movie room, a private gym, and one bedroom.

On the second floor, there is an infinity pool and a sun terrace with a bar and BBQ area.

Ratan Tata's opulent residence is directly across from the Colaba post office.

The ground floor is many feet higher than the surrounding surface.

On the top floor of Tata House Mumbai, there is a sun terrace that can seat up to 50 people at once.

Ratan Tata House Mumbai's three extra stories feature two levels, each with three bedrooms, a sitting room, and a library.

The white ceiling, walls, and enormous glass windows of the structure all exhibit colonial architectural features.

Ratan Tata’s Officers Holiday Home

Ratan Tata also has an officer's vacation home in the picturesque Monterosa Colony in Ooty, Tamil Nadu. This house features a red and white painted sloping triangle roof. At the entrance, various potted plants demonstrate his appreciation of nature. 

 ratan tata holiday home

This eating area features an arched wall side for a more open perspective. This facility has a simple, sophisticated appearance with several sitting areas.

ratan tata holiday house
 ratan tata vacation house

Ratan Tata is a corporate tycoon, philanthropist, and progressive thinker. Along with successfully heading one of India's largest enterprises, he has concentrated on investment, supercars, aviation, and dogs. During the rainy season, his company headquarters, Bombay residence, is known to take in strays, and he has a special kennel room in his residence. Ratan Tata's residence in Colaba is wealthy, exquisite, and oozes simplicity. If you want your home to look like Ratan Tata's. If you are seeking for your dream space in or around Mumbai, contact the pros at IndexTap. The possibilities are limitless, and you will be assisted by financial and legal consultants throughout the process at a low fee. Find homes near Ratan tata house by using the search box below.

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