Residential Real Estate 101 – 8 Best Investment Locations in MMR

MMR: Mumbai Metropolitan Region is a hub of beautiful, populous, and sprawling residences. Housing the film city, the financial capital, and amazing suburbs, MMR has become one of the finest places for property investors. Being the focal point of financial, capital, and entertainment leisure, MMR offers something unique to each of its residents, from strugglers to billionaires. With such great things in a bucket, the real estate market in MMR seems promising, owing to the number of people exploring the best locations for real estate investment in Mumbai and throughout MMR. If you are also planning to reserve the best real estate ROI, then scroll a bit for residential real estate 101 on “Best place to invest in property in MMR 2022.”

Best Locations for Investment MMR

  • Goregaon

Goregaon is a prime suburb in Mumbai that links several railway lines to the main Mumbai city. Renowned for CEC (Conservation Education Center), Goregaon is also a hub of 24 different educational centers, hospitals, malls, and especially the film city. All these conveniences and attractions make Goregaon among the best investment destinations in MMR.

  • Borivali

Nestled in the northern region of Mumbai, Borivali is a residential area with several cultural sites and easy access to shopping centers, hospitals, and reputed educational institutes. The area is close to Asia’s largest water park, Water Kingdom, and is popular for Gorai Beach also. This makes Borivali one of the best locations for investment MMR.

  • Thane

The city is situated on the banks of the Thana river, with well-developed transportation throughout Mumbai. Besides popular malls, art, architecture, and technology institutions along with major hospitals in proximity, Thane also houses a huge residential locality with top flats available for investment MMR with higher ROI prospects.

  • Chembur

Situated in eastern Mumbai, Chembur is a hub of both commercial and residential sectors. The area is divided into multiple colonies, and each of them is well connected to Mumbai. Chembur has become one of the most preferred investment locations in MMR as it houses multiple well-known malls, institutes, and hospitals, especially because it is located close to many employment hubs.

  • Vashi 

Located near the Mumbai-Pune highway, this locality is well-planned and has an affordable residential sector. Immigrants and Mumbaikars are investing in Vashi nowadays as the infrastructure of the area serves every luxury and comfort to the inhabitants, from hospitals and tech parks to beaches and malls.

  • Vikhroli

Settled next to the Eastern Expressway, this smaller residential suburb has an easy commute to Mumbai. People prefer investing in Vikhroli as it has promising ROI prospects soon while serving its residents with industries, corporates, malls, hospitals, and whatnot.

  • Panvel

Yet another renowned knot of Navi Mumbai, Panvel, is expanding fast with rapid residential development. The region houses several industries, healthcare facilities, and multiple employment hubs, which is turning Panvel into a good investment location for the future in MMR.

  • Airoli

It is a developed residential region in Navi Mumbai with an easy commute to both Thane and Mumbai. Known for its knowledge park, Airoli has multiple IT companies, colleges, malls, hospitals, and its proximity to some of the biggest tech parks in Mumbai is what makes this area a good investment location in MMR.

Wrapping it up, we can only say that we have jotted down some of the best locations for real estate investment in Mumbai with their benefits and future higher ROI prospects. So, wait no more and reserve the best homes for investment India.

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