What Are the Responsibilities of a Broker in India?

The need for residential, commercial, and retail properties is increasing, and so is the demand for real estate brokers. They are important in assisting buyers and sellers to finish the real estate transaction, in addition to being there throughout the property showing phase. Thus, before hopping to the real estate broker responsibilities, why not first discuss their role in person?

Let’s suppose you are seeking some flats available in Navi Mumbai, then brokers are the intermediary experts whom you can approach to take you through a variety of tasks required from your thought of purchasing a house to kick-off the property deal. Scroll down to understand these tasks and broker duties in India.

What does a broker do?

Real estate brokers perform multiple professional duties, which are listed below:

  • Brokers monitor transactions and support real estate agents in their work.
  • A broker reviews purchase agreements and contracts are also included.
  • Filing property and drafting the paperwork related to it.
  • Brokers help move funds in and out of escrow accounts.
  • A broker also helps resolve legal disputes and conflicts.
  • A broker is involved in the conversation with both parties, be it a buyer or a seller, to make sure that all the deadlines and industry standards are met.

Responsibilities of a Broker on Behalf of a Seller

  • A listing of properties for rent or sale
  • A broker shares this listing of properties amongst other brokers to keep the market accessible for every buyer.
  • A broker gives a piece of advice to the house seller on making their home representable.
  • Assists the seller in negotiating offers to try and execute a contract of purchase with a buyer.
  • Help a seller with explaining the documentation.

Broker Working for a Buyer

  • Brokers also assist buyers by visiting the properties in their preferred locations.
  • Brokers allow a buyer to craft their opening offer and purchase agreement.
  • The broker also performs house inspections and repair negotiations.

For instance, if you are a buyer and areseeking 2 BHK homes for sale Vasai, then a broker is the best source to approach for perfect references. The reason behind this perfect approach includes multiple benefits listed below.

The benefits of approaching a broker:

  • A broker is a licensed individual who has multiple real estate agents working for them, so they have a broad network in the property market.
  • The network of a broker can help you get the exact property that meets your preferences from location to budget.

The responsibilities of brokers are divided into three categories:

The responsibility of a broker isn’t just drafted from the buyer or seller’s perspective but also categorized into three verticals for their expertise.

Below, we have listed the responsibilities of a broker in India based on specific categories.

  • Associate Brokers: An associate broker is a licensed individual but works under another realtor. Such brokers are known as affiliate brokers because they do not supervise other realtors.
  • Managing brokers: A managing broker investigates the transactions along with office operations, which include licensing agents, onboarding, and training of new brokers.
  • Principal/designated brokers: The principal brokers oversee ensuring that real estate agents follow national and state regulations. For this reason, every real estate firm has one designated broker.

In a nutshell, above we have discussed the real estate broker responsibilities in India. Now that you know the importance of approaching a professional broker, you are just a step away from buying your dream home, be it a 1 BHK apartment Vashi or a bungalow in any other city in India.

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