5 Ways to Identify a Good Real Estate Broker

The housing sector in India is amongst the fastest growing segments concerning the country’s large population and rapid urbanization. People prefer to take no risks when buying a home as it is a huge and emotional investment. Herein comes the role of a good real estate broker to help you invest in a suitable yet profitable property. People often approach realtors as they greet you with a great deal of property market knowledge. Therefore, people seek several qualities in a broker who could help a buyer stand out from the crowd. Scroll down to find the checklist of a good real estate broker!

Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Broker

  • Ample Market Knowledge

For instance, let’s suppose you are looking for flats available for sale Mumbai. Then you should approach an expert real estate broker who knows Mumbai’s property market in-depth, be it for rent or sale. A good realtor is believed to know the appropriate stamp duty, registration, and other charges required for paperwork when buying or renting a house.

  • A Broker Must Have Credibility

Always check the credibility of the real estate broker. A good real estate brokerdoes not require marketing, but their repeated customers speak of their professional work ethics. A repeat customer is always a happy customer. Hence, seek to choose a broker recommended by their prior customers.

  • Must Follow a Code of Ethics

 The prime characteristic of a good real estate broker is that they are RERA registered. Such brokers are bound by the license to favor the clients’ interests. For this reason, buyers prefer working with RERA-registered brokers. Therefore, always check RERA registration as soon as you hire a broker because there are multiple unregistered realtors with complete market knowledge.

  • A Broker Must be Honest

The other important key factor of a good real estate broker is honesty. A real estate transaction is considered a huge financial commitment. Therefore, if a broker is assumed to be questionable, the transaction doesn’t move ahead, and the broker loses out on a great deal. For this reason, buyers generally rely on the referred brokers.

  • A Broker Must Carry an Active and Firm Portfolio

A firm and active portfolio is evidence of a broker’s reliability and outcomes. So do not be afraid to ask them for proof. It’s not like if a broker doesn’t have any portfolio, they won’t be able to sell a property, but as a genuine buyer, you at least deserve an honest answer to make a wise choice.

  • A Broker Must Have a Long List of Testimonials

Do not just go with the words but even check out their client history and deal outcomes. Also, look at the feedback ratio. If a broker has sold plenty of houses but only a handful of them have had a positive experience, then be wary and give your broker a further thought. In case a broker is unable to help you with the testimonial, you can also check them out on social media or their website.

In a nutshell, the above-described are some of the main characteristics of a good real estate broker in the housing sector in India. Thus, looking for these characteristics in a realtor will assist you in determining which one you can rely on for advice on your residential real estate industry investment. No matter if you are seeking a property primarily in Mumbai or looking in the suburbs for some of the best apartments Taloja, a good real estate broker India will always turn out to be a helping hand.

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