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Month: September 2022

How Can IndexTap Help Brokers Increase Their Credibility?

The existence of the Internet and its many activities is slowly taking over the world. The impact of the Internet is evident – both in the private and business spheres. People can now easily get in touch…

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5 Benefits of Using a Qualified Real Estate Broker to Buy Your New Home

Buying a home is an emotional investment that seeks a huge transaction alongside. For this reason, a buyer appears to take no risk with emotions and finances. And here comes the role of a broker…

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5 Ways to Identify a Good Real Estate Broker

The housing sector in India is amongst the fastest growing segments concerning the country’s large population and rapid urbanization. People prefer to take no risks…

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What Are the Responsibilities of a Broker in India?

The need for residential, commercial, and retail properties is increasing, and so is the demand for real estate brokers. They are important in assisting buyers and sellers to finish the real estate transaction, …

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Purchasing Property: Decoding the Stages of the Consumer Buying Cycle

Consumers pass through a set of consequential steps while purchasing a product. This procedure includes the recognition of needs and wants, plus product analysis, which is followed by the estimation…

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5 Challenges Faced by Real Estate Brokers in India

A real estate broker is an individual who keeps up-to-date information on the property market and helps a buyer explore properties that meet their preferences. Approaching a broker…

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Price Discovery – What It Is and How Can It Help In House-Hunting?

For many people, selling and buying a home is a substantial financial transaction they will make in their lifetime. So, let’s address the approach to identifying….

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6 Factors That Affect Price Discovery in India

For most people, buying and selling a home represents the most significant financial transaction they will ever undertake. Now, let’s discuss how the property’s value…

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Buying Property? 8 Tips to Arrive at a Fair Price

Buying a house is most people’s dream, but it is heavy on the pocket. It is critical to ensure that you are paying the correct price. However, online real estate portals…

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Thane: A Leading Residential Destination to Live in MMR

Thane is a renowned suburb of Mumbai, located in the northern Konkan region of Maharashtra. The region houses more than 30 lakes, recreational spots, temples, teak forests,…

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