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1 Bigha Is Equal To 0.625 Acres

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How to Convert Bigha to Acre?

Bigha to acre conversion is an easy process. All you have to do to convert bigha to acre is multiply bigha by 0.619. For example, multiplying 5 by 0.619 is the formula to convert 5 bigha to acres.

Therefore, 5 bigha = 5 X 0.619 = 3.095 acres.

Here are some common metrics associated with one bigha that you can use to convert bigha to acre.

1 bigha

0.619 acre

1 bigha

24.79 guntha

1 bigha

0.25 hectare

1 bigha

12.35 ground

1 bigha

0.0025 sq km

1 bigha

0.00096 sq mile

1 bigha

2508.38 sq m

Bigha to Acre Formula and Example

The following formula can be used to convert Bigha to Acre, and it is quite simple:

Acre = Bigha X 0.624884378

Here are some examples of conversions from Bigha to Acre.



10 Bigha is equal to 10* 0.625

6.249 Acre

20 Bigha is equal to 20* 0.625

12.498 Acre

50 Bigha is equal to 50* 0.625

31.244 Acre

75 Bigha is equal to 75* 0.625

46.866 Acre

100 Bigha is equal to 100* 0.625

62.488 Acre

1000 Bigha is equal to 1000* 0.625

624.884 Acre

About Bigha

One of the conventional measurement units used in the North Indian States is the bigha. For the purpose of measuring land, Bigha is used in the states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Jharkhand, and Uttarakhand. Nevertheless, Bigha's worth varies from state to state.

Pucca, also known as pakka bigha, is frequently used in Rajasthan and certain regions of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar, whereas kuchha bigha was primarily employed by landlords to manage their rental properties.

Bigha is a very fascinating measurement system. With the exception of Bangladesh and Nepal, the majority of Northern India does not use the term frequently outside of its borders.

It's funny how different regions of the nation value this unit of measurement differently!

The most common one is 0.619 acres per bigha.

In West Bengal, however, a bigha might only be 0.33 acres in size.

In Madhya Pradesh, a bigha is equivalent to approximately 0.27 acres.

Therefore, always remember to first check the local conversion value if you are using the term to refer to the area of your land or plot.

Pukka bigha is a term that is similar and used in some parts of Rajasthan. Kuchha bigha is another such widely used local term that you might come across in Northern India.

History of Bigha

Bigha is thought to have come from the Sanskrit word vigraha, which means division. The Bigha land area used to vary in size prior to British colonial rule in India. Generally speaking, one bigha was regarded as the area that required two ploughs for cultivation.

Bigha was standardized as a unit of measurement in West Bengal after the British established their presence in the country and came to represent one-third of an acre. Nonetheless, Bigha's dimensions remain disparate in other regions of India.

Dimensions of Bigha

 1 Bigha

 2,990 sq yd

 1 Bigha

 2,500 sq mt

 1 Bigha

 1.04 ground

 1 Bigha

 0.62 Acre

 1 Bigha

 2.30 Guntha

 1 Bigha

 26910.66 Sq ft

Determine the worth of a single Bigha in various states.


 In Square Feet

 In Acre








 1 pucca bigha = 27,225

 1 kuchha bigha = 17,424

 1 pucca bigha = 0.625

 1 kuchha bigha = 0.4

 Madhya Pradesh









About Acre

One of the oldest units used to measure land worldwide is the acre, which was first used in the imperial system of units. An area that is one furlong long and four rods wide can also be described as an acre.

An acre of land can be measured in a variety of ways, including circles, rectangles, and even pentagons. One acre of land can be any length or width as long as it doesn't exceed 43,560 square feet in total area.

One of the most widely used units of measurement for area worldwide is the acre. It is included in both the Imperial and Customary measurement systems used in the US. One acre can be graphically represented as a square with one furlong and one chain on each side.

1 Chain = 66 feet

1 Furlong = 660 feet

Dimensions of Acre

 1 Acre

 43,560 square feet

 1 Acre

 4,047 square meters

 1 Acre

 0.4047 hectares

 1 Acre

 4,840 square yards

 1 Acre

 1/640th of a square mile

Area Calculator (Converter)

A land area calculator is a useful tool for converting one unit to another. Land measurements vary across India. If you want to find the equivalent unit of the local term for the unit, the simplest method is to use a land calculator.

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