Cent to Square feet Converter

1 cent is equal to 435.56 square feet

The measurement of a piece of land varies throughout the world; thus, conversion brings these differences together for better understanding. Several areas of the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu use cents instead of the imperial system of square feet. This article will discuss the history, application, and relationship between cents and square feet.

The metric system includes weight measurements in grammes and kilogrammes, as well as length measurements in centimetres and metres. The imperial system originated in the United States and includes units such as feet, inches, pounds, and square feet.

A square foot is an extension of one foot that represents a flat area. The square foot is most commonly used to measure the area of commercial or residential units, as well as other real estate spaces. The prices of the properties are decided per square foot. The cent is used to measure land in several southern Indian states. A cent equals 1/100th of an acre, or 435.6 square feet. It is primarily used to measure independent land less than one acre.

The metric system was developed during the French Revolution in response to a desperate need to standardise measurement in order to levy proper taxes on traders. During the French Revolution, traders paid a high tax rate due to differences in measurement systems across provinces. The traders were paying different taxes on the same commodities. In 1795, a proper metric system was introduced to make sense of the measurement systems used in fair tax practices.

The imperial system originated in the United Kingdom and has echoes of Roman times. These measurements were used to determine the lengths of various body parts and the heights of settlements or monuments.

What is Cent ?

Cent is an area measurement unit commonly used in India's southern states, alongside Guntha (or Gunta), Ground, and Ankanam. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu are the states that still use the unit for area measurement. However, in most areas, metric system units are widely used in real estate transactions.

History of Cent

A cent is a monetary unit that is equal to one hundredth of the basic monetary unit in many national currencies. The term "cent" is derived from the Latin word centum, which means "hundred." The cent sign is commonly represented by a single small letter.

Current Use of Cent

A cent is a commonly used traditional unit of land measurement/area measurement in India, particularly in the south.

What is Square Feet ?

The area of a square with sides of one foot is referred to as a square foot, or, in simpler terms, the area encompassed by a square with sides of 12 inches or 30.5 cm. One square foot equals 0.092 square metres. In real estate, it is frequently used to describe the size of a flat or room. A land unit conversion calculator can help you convert square feet to other units of area measurement.

History of Square Feet

Although it is not a SI (Standard International System) unit, it is very popular in the following countries.

Many countries, including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Ghana, Liberia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Hong Kong, the United States, and some parts of Canada, use the square foot or its plural, square feet, to measure area.

Current Use of Square Feet

The most commonly used unit is the square foot, which is equivalent to 0.11 square yard. Developers are required to inform the area in square feet as per Indian real estate legislation.

Relationship between cents and square feet.

One cent equals 435.56 square feet, and both are traditional land measurement units used to determine the size of a parcel. These are common land unit measurements used in land and property transactions across the country. If you want to buy or invest in real estate, you must understand how to convert cents to square feet. You'll also need to know the equivalents in other land measurement systems.

It is possible to convert cents into square feet and vice versa.

To convert cents to square feet, use the following formula:

Square feet = cent x 435.56

In addition, 5 cents in square feet will be 5 x 435.56 = 2,177.8

Difference Between Cents and Square Feet

Basis of Comparison (Parameter)


Square Feet


A cent is a commonly used conventional unit of land measurement/area measurement in India, particularly in states such as Karnataka, Kerala, Telangana, and Tamil Nadu.

Square feet is an imperial and US customary unit of area that is equivalent to a square with sides measuring one foot each.

Symbol (Abbreviation)


Sq. ft, ft2


One cent equals to 435.6 square feet in general

One square feet is equivalent to 0.0022959 cent

Cent to Square Feet

To convert cents to square feet, multiply the area by 435.6.

To convert square feet to cents, multiply by 0.0023.

Conversion Formula

Hence the formula is, Square Feet = Cent X 435.6

Hence the formula is, Cent = Square Feet X 0.0023

Example Using Formula (Convert 10 Cent to Square Feet and 10 Square Feet to Cent)

Enter the value into the conversion formula - Square Feet = Cent X 435.6

Therefore, multiply 10 by 435.6 to get the answer, which is 4356 square feet.

Enter the value into the conversion formula - cent = square feet x 0.0023.

Therefore, multiply 10 by 0.0023 to get the answer, which is 0.023 cents.


Cent is primarily used to measure small plots of land and land parcels.

Square feet is a globally accepted land measurement unit that is widely used in the real estate industry, architecture, and so on.

How Do I Convert Cents to Square Feet?

One acre of land is equal to 100 cents, or one-tenth of an acre. As a result, cents are frequently used to measure smaller plots and land parcels of approximately one acre. The International System of Units does not recognise cents. However, one cent represents 435.56 square feet. This conversion can be used to calculate cents in terms of other useful units of measurement.

The formula for converting cents into square feet

It is recommended that you learn and remember both the theoretical and mathematical representations.

Here is a demonstration of the formula for converting cents to square feet:

Cents = Cents * 435.56 square feet.

Examples of Converting Cents to Square Feet

Example 1: Convert one cent to square foot.

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

1 cent * 435.56 square feet = 435.56 square feet

As a result, one cent equals 435.56 square feet.

Example 2: Convert one hundred cents to square feet.

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

100 cents * 435.56 = 43,556 square feet

As a result, 100 cents equals 43,556 square feet.

Example 3: Convert 12 cents to square feet

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

12 cents * 435.56 equals 5,226.72 square feet

As a result, 12 cents equals 5,226.72 square feet.

Example 4: Convert 34 cents to square feet

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

34 cents * 435.56 = 14,809.04 square feet

As a result, 34 cents equals 14,809.04 square feet.

Example 5: Convert 59 cents to square feet.

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

59 cents * 435.56 = 25,698.04 square feet

As a result, 59 cents equals 25,698.04 square feet.

Example 6: Convert 1200 square feet to cents

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

1200 square feet * 0.0022956841138659 = 2.75482093664 cents

As a result, 1200 square feet equals 2.75482093664 cents.

Example 7: Convert 3200 square feet to cents.

Entering the unit of cent into the calculation above yields the following result:

3200 square feet * 0.0022956841138659 = 7.34618916437 square feet

As a result, 3200 square feet equals 7.34618916437 cents.

Conversion Table: Cents to Square Feet


Square feet

Cent to Square feet

1 cent

435.559 sq ft

1 cent is equal to 435.559 square feet

2 cent

871.118 sq ft

2 cent is equal to 871.118 square feet

3 cent

1306.677 sq ft

3 cent is equal to 1306.677 square feet

4 cent

1742.236 sq ft

4 cent is equal to 1742.236 square feet

5 cent

2177.795 sq ft

5 cent is equal to 2177.795 square feet

6 cent

2613.354 sq ft

6 cent is equal to 2613.354 square feet

7 cent

3048.913 sq ft

7 cent is equal to 3048.913 square feet

8 cent

3484.472 sq ft

8 cent is equal to 3484.472 square feet

9 cent

3920.031 sq ft

9 cent is equal to 3920.031 square feet

10 cent

4355.59 sq ft

10 cent is equal to 4355.59 square feet

11 cent

4791.149 sq ft

11 cent is equal to 4791.149 square feet

12 cent

5226.708 sq ft

12 cent is equal to 5226.708 square feet

13 cent

5662.267 sq ft

13 cent is equal to 5662.267 square feet

14 cent

6097.826 sq ft

14 cent is equal to 6097.826 square feet

15 cent

6533.385 sq ft

15 cent is equal to 6533.385 square feet

16 cent

6968.944 sq ft

16 cent is equal to 6968.944 square feet

17 cent

7404.503 sq ft

17 cent is equal to 7404.503 square feet

18 cent

7840.062 sq ft

18 cent is equal to 7840.062 square feet

19 cent

8275.621 sq ft

19 cent is equal to 8275.621 square feet

20 cent

8711.18 sq ft

20 cent is equal to 8711.18 square feet

21 cent

9146.739 sq ft

21 cent is equal to 9146.739 square feet

22 cent

9582.298 sq ft

22 cent is equal to 9582.298 square feet

23 cent

10017.857 sq ft

23 cent is equal to 10017.857 square feet

24 cent

10453.416 sq ft

24 cent is equal to 10453.416 square feet

25 cent

10888.975 sq ft

25 cent is equal to 10888.975 square feet

26 cent

11324.534 sq ft

26 cent is equal to 11324.534 square feet

27 cent

11760.093 sq ft

27 cent is equal to 11760.093 square feet

28 cent

12195.652 sq ft

28 cent is equal to 12195.652 square feet

29 cent

12631.211 sq ft

29 cent is equal to 12631.211 square feet

30 cent

13066.77 sq ft

30 cent is equal to 13066.77 square feet

31 cent

13502.329 sq ft

31 cent is equal to 13502.329 square feet

32 cent

13937.888 sq ft

32 cent is equal to 13937.888 square feet

33 cent

14373.447 sq ft

33 cent is equal to 14373.447 square feet

34 cent

14809.006 sq ft

34 cent is equal to 14809.006 square feet

35 cent

15244.565 sq ft

35 cent is equal to 15244.565 square feet

36 cent

15680.124 sq ft

36 cent is equal to 15680.124 square feet

37 cent

16115.683 sq ft

37 cent is equal to 16115.683 square feet

38 cent

16551.242 sq ft

38 cent is equal to 16551.242 square feet

39 cent

16986.801 sq ft

39 cent is equal to 16986.801 square feet

40 cent

17422.36 sq ft

40 cent is equal to 17422.36 square feet

41 cent

17857.919 sq ft

41 cent is equal to 17857.919 square feet

42 cent

18293.478 sq ft

42 cent is equal to 18293.478 square feet

43 cent

18729.037 sq ft

43 cent is equal to 18729.037 square feet

44 cent

19164.596 sq ft

44 cent is equal to 19164.596 square feet

45 cent

19600.155 sq ft

45 cent is equal to 19600.155 square feet

46 cent

20035.714 sq ft

46 cent is equal to 20035.714 square feet

47 cent

20471.273 sq ft

47 cent is equal to 20471.273 square feet

48 cent

20906.832 sq ft

48 cent is equal to 20906.832 square feet

49 cent

21342.391 sq ft

49 cent is equal to 21342.391 square feet

50 cent

21777.95 sq ft

50 cent is equal to 21777.95 square feet

51 cent

22213.509 sq ft

51 cent is equal to 22213.509 square feet

52 cent

22649.068 sq ft

52 cent is equal to 22649.068 square feet

53 cent

23084.627 sq ft

53 cent is equal to 23084.627 square feet

54 cent

23520.186 sq ft

54 cent is equal to 23520.186 square feet

55 cent

23955.745 sq ft

55 cent is equal to 23955.745 square feet

56 cent

24391.304 sq ft

56 cent is equal to 24391.304 square feet

57 cent

24826.863 sq ft

57 cent is equal to 24826.863 square feet

58 cent

25262.422 sq ft

58 cent is equal to 25262.422 square feet

59 cent

25697.981 sq ft

59 cent is equal to 25697.981 square feet

60 cent

26133.54 sq ft

60 cent is equal to 26133.54 square feet

61 cent

26569.099 sq ft

61 cent is equal to 26569.099 square feet

62 cent

27004.658 sq ft

62 cent is equal to 27004.658 square feet

63 cent

27440.217 sq ft

63 cent is equal to 27440.217 square feet

64 cent

27875.776 sq ft

64 cent is equal to 27875.776 square feet

65 cent

28311.335 sq ft

65 cent is equal to 28311.335 square feet

66 cent

28746.894 sq ft

66 cent is equal to 28746.894 square feet

67 cent

29182.453 sq ft

67 cent is equal to 29182.453 square feet

68 cent

29618.012 sq ft

68 cent is equal to 29618.012 square feet

69 cent

30053.571 sq ft

69 cent is equal to 30053.571 square feet

70 cent

30489.13 sq ft

70 cent is equal to 30489.13 square feet

71 cent

30924.689 sq ft

71 cent is equal to 30924.689 square feet

72 cent

31360.248 sq ft

72 cent is equal to 31360.248 square feet

73 cent

31795.807 sq ft

73 cent is equal to 31795.807 square feet

74 cent

32231.366 sq ft

74 cent is equal to 32231.366 square feet

75 cent

32666.925 sq ft

75 cent is equal to 32666.925 square feet

76 cent

33102.484 sq ft

76 cent is equal to 33102.484 square feet

77 cent

33538.043 sq ft

77 cent is equal to 33538.043 square feet

78 cent

33973.602 sq ft

78 cent is equal to 33973.602 square feet

79 cent

34409.161 sq ft

79 cent is equal to 34409.161 square feet

80 cent

34844.72 sq ft

80 cent is equal to 34844.72 square feet

81 cent

35280.279 sq ft

81 cent is equal to 35280.279 square feet

82 cent

35715.838 sq ft

82 cent is equal to 35715.838 square feet

83 cent

36151.397 sq ft

83 cent is equal to 36151.397 square feet

84 cent

36586.956 sq ft

84 cent is equal to 36586.956 square feet

85 cent

37022.515 sq ft

85 cent is equal to 37022.515 square feet

86 cent

37458.074 sq ft

86 cent is equal to 37458.074 square feet

87 cent

37893.633 sq ft

87 cent is equal to 37893.633 square feet

88 cent

38329.192 sq ft

88 cent is equal to 38329.192 square feet

89 cent

38764.751 sq ft

89 cent is equal to 38764.751 square feet

90 cent

39200.31 sq ft

90 cent is equal to 39200.31 square feet

91 cent

39635.869 sq ft

91 cent is equal to 39635.869 square feet

92 cent

40071.428 sq ft

92 cent is equal to 40071.428 square feet

93 cent

40506.987 sq ft

93 cent is equal to 40506.987 square feet

94 cent

40942.546 sq ft

94 cent is equal to 40942.546 square feet

95 cent

41378.105 sq ft

95 cent is equal to 41378.105 square feet

96 cent

41813.664 sq ft

96 cent is equal to 41813.664 square feet

97 cent

42249.223 sq ft

97 cent is equal to 42249.223 square feet

98 cent

42684.782 sq ft

98 cent is equal to 42684.782 square feet

99 cent

43120.341 sq ft

99 cent is equal to 43120.341 square feet

100 cent

43555.9 sq ft

100 cent is equal to 43555.9 square feet

Area Calculator (Converter)

A land area calculator is a useful tool for converting one unit to another. Land measurements vary across India. If you want to find the equivalent unit of the local term for the unit, the simplest method is to use a land calculator.

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